Meet Carol Bjorn

Carol was initially drawn to Bioenergy Balancing because of a chronic illness that was not fully healing despite undergoing medical and alternative therapies of healing.  As a client of Bioenergy Balancing, she was able to release the effects of subconscious decisions and troubling emotions and to obtain the remedies her body needed to heal.  Then, she discovered the tools of Access Consciousness which she was able to use to create her life.  Carol followed her curiosity and completed the 2-year class requirement to become a Certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner in November 2016.  Shortly after that, she completed the requirements for becoming an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator in August 2017.  As she was learning these tools, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that the tools of Bioenergy Balancing and Access Consciousness can be used to make changes in relationships, parenting, money, and bodies!

In a client session, Carol uses Bioenergy Balancing and the tools of Access Consciousness to uncover and unlock subconscious decisions that might have created a limitation in a person’s life.  With the willingness of the client, those subconscious decisions and the emotions associated with the decisions are asked to leave.  Recommendations for nutritional support or remedies can also be offered at that time.  And, Carol can give the client tools to use on their own to move beyond those limitations and to create the life the client desires.

Earlier in her life, Carol graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Accounting.  Carol worked as a licensed CPA in auditing. Then, she obtained her law degree at S.M.U. School of Law and worked as a licensed attorney in U.S. federal tax law.  After her first son was born, she chose to leave the corporate world and devoted her time and energy to her family.  Currently, she uses the tools of Bioenergy Balancing and Access Consciousness with her kids in assisting them with health concerns, managing school and relationships with friends.  By using these tools, she has seen the effectiveness of the practical application of the tools in many areas of her life, her children’s lives and her client’s lives.

Work with Carol