Qi Gong

Welcome to Qi Gong for You! Qi Gong is an ancient movement practice that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine that originated more than 4,000 years ago.

The Taoists observed the universe and nature. From their observations, Qi Gong was created. Qi Gong seeks to mimic nature – the Earth, bodies of water, animals, and plants.

By tapping into these energies presented to us from nature, we re-balance our own internal energy system.

There is a saying in Qi Gong which eloquently and succinctly states this principle. “As above, so below.” Once the internal energy system is re-balanced, there is possibility to be in the flow of life, much the same way nature functions.

You’ll discover many benefits from consistently practicing Qi Gong. Physical benefits can include better sleep, more flexibility, strength, an improved immune system, better balance and less pain. You may also experience emotional or energetic benefits such as being less reactive or being less at the effect of people or events, greater mental clarity and focus, and more of an ease with life in general.

Lastly, practicing Qi Gong is a preventative health practice, and it can also create longevity. Another saying in Qi Gong is that you will not only add years to your life, but you will add life to your years.