Bioenergy Balancing

When questions are posed to the body-consciousness, it responds simply by saying yes, no or maybe through the fluctuations of your biofield.  Using muscle response testing, the body-consciousness says “yes,” as the biofield expands, and it says “no,” when the biofield contracts.  By using this form of question and answer of the body-consiousness, it by-passes the conscious brain, since vibrational information comes from the body itself which is not governed by our usual conscious brain and its automatic responses.

Your conscious mind is not usually aware of the uncomfortable messages your body-consciousness is holding.  Stressful events, even those from long ago, can create and maintain metabolic errors.  After a time, these biochemical imbalances are can create distressing physical symptoms.

The body may have adopted protective strategies in response to an event or series of events which at that time were considered essential.  However, those strategies tend to continue long after the threatening situation is over.  Out-dated reactions based upon the past can become a hindrance, and may limit your perception and narrow your choices.

Unfavorable or extreme emotions related to that event or series of events may also be trapped in the meridian system of the body.  The meridian system, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, is believed to be the vibrational messenger of your feelings.  The meridians can light up to express joyous emotional experiences or become pale and contracted to reflect a trauma, or a disappointment.  Your emotional information is delivered throughout your physical body by the flow of your meridian circuitry.  The meridians transmit these emotional messages, and they come to rest in various organs, systems, and molecular structures.  Changes in your physical processes can be reflected by emotional decisions, and can show up as a diverse array of health problems, allergies, depression, digestive difficulty or pain.

Your body-consciousness still remembers how it functioned prior to adopting the protective strategies and embodying negative emotions around stressful events.  By releasing the protective strategies and unfavorable emotions, the body is free to choose to function optimally and move toward healing.