When you look at your life, do you see yourself as a victim of your circumstances or this reality? Do you tend to blame others or forces outside of you for what is going on in your life?

Would you rather be the creator of your life?

In Access Consciousness classes, we talk about a simple tool that provides a bridge for you to shift viewing yourself as a victim to becoming the creator of your life and reality. Here is the first step across that bridge:

Your point of view creates your reality.
Reality does not create your point of view.

What is a point of view? A point of view is a fixed position based on a decision, judgment, or conclusion that you have decided was real and true for you.

But what if it is no longer real and true for you? Things that we have decided are real and true for us that actually are not true, create limitations in our lives.

So, how do you remove what is no long true for you? How do you let go of those judgments, decisions or conclusions about you that no longer serve you?

You ask them to leave! And you start to become aware of when you blame others or your circumstances. Every time you catch yourself thinking that you are a victim or at the effect of others or this reality, stop yourself. Imagine a big red stop sign telling you to STOP! And, then ask yourself, “do I desire to be a victim here?”. Or would a better choice be to see myself as the creator of my reality?

As you begin to become aware of your thoughts and thought patterns, you can disrupt those thoughts. And, then when you ask yourself if you want to choose to think of yourself as a victim or creator, you can begin to re-train your thoughts so that you no longer view yourself as a victim.

And, since your point of view creates your reality, the more you view yourself as the creator of your life, the more chances you will get to create your life through your choices.

To take a deeper dive into decisions, judgments or conclusions that may be limiting you, click the link below to schedule a session with Carol!