Do you trust yourself? Or are you more likely to doubt yourself? Where do you place more of your energy – in trusting you or doubting you?

Wouldn’t it be easier to trust you and your awareness? Then you could use your energy into creating your life based on your awareness instead of putting energy into doubting you.

What if your awareness is the greatest gift you could be for you?

Here is an Access Consciousness tool for knowing your awareness.

The truth will make you feel lighter. A lie will always make you feel heavy.

Even if it feels strange or awkward at first, as you use the tool and ask this question – light or heavy? – you will begin to get the awareness of what is light for you and what is heavy for you.

Try this exercise. Say, “my name is …” and say your name. Does it make you feel light? Now try saying the same phrase except replace your name with someone else’s name. How does that feel? Heavy? Because it’s not true for you.

Or you can try this. Look back over your life. Was there a time or event when you knew something was true for you, but you ignored that awareness? How did that turn out? Or perhaps, there was a time when you knew something was true for you and you followed that awareness even though at that time, it didn’t make logical sense. And, how did that turn out?

As you begin to use the tool of light or heavy, you may perceive it in your body, on your skin or perhaps in your energy field. And, your perception of light and heavy may change over time. However, as you continue using this tool, you will be become more tuned in to what is true for you.

Using this tool may seem strange at first because it is so simple and SO quick. In this reality, we are more accustomed to “thinking” or “figuring things out.” What if you could just know what is true for you? Knowing is much simpler and faster than thinking or figuring it out.

Your awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, those around you and the world. Follow the lightness. Make choices that make you feel light and see what that creates for you!